Auction results

Here are a few selected recent art sales.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive list.  Please see ‘About this site‘ regarding valuation.


28 July 2021

The signature and style indicates John Ridgewell and not as described.  Sold for £350 with damage described as “There is a L shaped rip to the canvas in the sky area.”  Look after your pictures!

Dated 1966 and signed. Described as “A Yorkshire coastal town”

Size – 100 cm x 127 cm.—richard-ridgewell-townscape-2-oil-on-canvas/?lot=44588

19 June 2021

Sold for £480 – Landscape with archway and wasps Signed, oil on canvas, 91cm by 71cm

11 May 2021

Sold for £2800 – Described on label to rear as “A Yorkshire Coastal Town” 1966 – “The New Art Centre, 41 Sloane Street, London” label  28 x 36 inches – 71.2 x 91.4cm