John Ridgewell

surrealist British artist, 1937 - 2004


As well as working in the mediums of oil, charcoal and pencil, John was also a talented photographer. I have included here a selection of his black and white photographs, mostly from the 1960's. These photos were taken primarily as an aide memoir for John in his studio, as John did not paint 'in the field' as it were. John did his own developing and printing at home, and the roughness of some of the images, with clearly ripped edges in some cases, is indicative of his own view of his photos as merely a tool in the creative process. Despite this, I think these photos are of interest as photos in their own right and as records of a Britain now mostly gone - especially the North of England mill townshots such as those around Hebdon Bridge - as well as giving us an insight into his creative process .