John Ridgewell

surrealist British artist, 1937 - 2004


John Ridgewell in June 1971, photographed by Edward Morgan.

(C) Edward Morgan. Please see,%20John.pdffor more images. Our thanks to Mr Morgan for his permission to use this image. 

John's work does appear from time to time at auction, and if you don't own one but have liked what you have seen on this site, we urge to purchase one and see what his painting was like in its true form.

If you wish to copy images from the site for your personal use, please feel free. If you wish to use an image in a commercial context, please contact us first as the Estate of John Ridgewell holds the intellectual copyright of all the images John produced, and we will want to ensure that any use of his images is appropriate.

Jim Ridgewell & Adam Baldwin

This site, in this and in its previous incarnations, was set up to act as a repository of John's work for all to access as they wish.

John was born in 1937 and died in 2004 after a long battle with cancer. It was his express wish that a retrospective exhibition be arranged after his death. As his pictures are mostly in private hands, this has so far proved impossible, and we hope that this website will go some way to fulfilling that wish as far as it is currently possible.

John did not like reproductions of his work, as he felt that the colours would be incorrect. It is important to remember that these images are only representations of John's work, and that they are approximate at best.

Many people have contacted us for valuation information . The following link may help.

This site shows prices reached at auction for artist's work, and includes a few of John's pictures. We hope you understand that we cannot undertake valuations, and this website link will show you why, but if you are interested, then it may give you some guidance. We are indebted to artist Trevor Neal for drawing our attention to this site. (9th February 2013).

Some more images uploaded today. Thanks to all of you who have kindly agreed to send us images for the site. See also the BBC Website

Thanks again to Trevor Neal for sending this link to us. (24th March 2013)

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As part of a New Year resolution, and a some what freer schedule, those images that have been passed to us during 2013 that I have not yet been able to upload should be appearing during this month. Our thanks to those who continue to generously offer images for the site. (8th January 2014).

I have finally made good on my promise and uploaded the images I received in late 2013 .

Our particular thanks to Doug & Eva Harris, long term family friends and patrons of  John's work for their generous provision of images for the site. (14th February 2014).

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New pages added on 2nd January 2016 - Biography (due soon!) and a list of exhibitions

6th February 2016- Biography complete, and a new page added showing some exhibition catalogue imagery and a brief guide to John's painting styles and changes over his career as a professional artist.

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